Welcome to ...

The Sacred Sale

Dear Coach, Healer, Energy Worker, Psychic, Wellness Professional ...

Are you ready to finally create a six-figure income through your transformational work?

Most Transformational Experts think they need more marketing to create more income.

That's not actually true!

Let's talk about what really stands between us and a six-figure income ....


You simply can't create income without sales.  They go hand in hand.

Let's address the elephant in the room ...

As Transformational Experts who are deeply committed to serving others, we have an intense dislike for selling our sacred work!

All of us have had horrible sales experiences full of ick-factors such as:

  • Manipulation
  • High pressure
  • Fake friendliness
  • Outright lies

But what if we could have a deeply transformational conversation with a prospect ... and have that conversation result in enrolling a new client?

What if our sales process could:

  • Produce profound transformation in and of itself, both for ourselves and for our prospect?
  • Create a ton of value for our prospect, without giving our sacred work away for free?
  • Be completely in integrity with the transformation we offer?
  • Allowed us to stand fully in our authenticity, inner wisdom, and desire to serve others?
  • Involved absolutely no pressure to buy?
  • Actually be FUN?

Most importantly ...

What if you knew that you can generate income on demand, simply by having a highly nurturing and thought-provoking conversation?

Welcome to ...

The Sacred Sale

Let's be clear ... there is absolutely nothing "wrong" with you if you're uncomfortable with sales!

You do not need to clear your "money blocks," re-arrange your belief system, do energy work, or go on a healing journey if you avoid selling your sacred work.

In our collective consciousness, sales have been associated with lies and manipulation ... and rightly so. Because that IS the foundation of traditional sales!

Of course the idea of "selling" doesn't resonate with those of us who are highly conscious and deeply invested in serving others on their transformation and spiritual path!

Our transformational work is so vibrationally misaligned to traditional selling that we simply DO NOT SELL.

But without sales ... we also have no income.


We tend to hide our sales discomfort online, behind ineffective marketing and endless posting to social media.

We spend our time "crafting offers" that nobody buys or writing content that gets little engagement.

Our version of selling may simply involve putting up a sales page on our website, and hoping that someone will stumble across it.

Unfortunately, any discomfort we have with sales is part of our vibrational state.

That means that this discomfort will translate itself into every aspect of how we create income via our transformational work!

Sales discomfort shows up in our pricing:

  • We are uncomfortable talking about how much we charge.
  • We are constantly undercharging for our work.
  • We are giving "friends and family" discounts to everyone, way too often.
  • We find ourselves getting resentful that the world doesn't seem to value what we have to offer.
  • We may be so desperate to do the transformational work we love that we give it away for free.

Sales discomfort shows up in our marketing:

  • Our marketing remains vague and without impact.
  • We struggle to define our ideal prospect or niche.
  • We don't offer our prospects a clear path of engagement with us.

Sales discomfort shows up in our offers:

  • We create offers that involve way too much of our time, so that we can't possibly handle more than a few clients at once.
  • We give our time away for free, with sessions that run long, or unpaid "follow-up" conversations with clients.
  • We throw everything but the kitchen sink into our offers, in an effort to make them appear "high value" and more attractive.
  • We spend months carefully creating programs and classes that never see the light of day, because we don't launch them or nobody buys them.
  • You aren't asking anyone directly to buy your offers

Sales discomfort shows up in our investments:

  • We invest in way too many business development classes and coaching programs but never follow through, or get frustrated at our lack of results.
  • We hire others to do our marketing, run our ads, build our websites, generate traffic ... and receive little to no ROI.
  • We over-invest in becoming better at our transformational work, collecting one modality after another.

Of course, we never relate these issues to a problem with our SALES PROCESS!

We don't realize that, especially in our marketing, we sabotage ourselves before our prospects even have an opportunity to buy.

And so, we end up on an endless, expensive and exhausting hamster wheel of trying and failing to create a healthy income doing the work we love.

Obviously, Avoiding Sales Is A Failing Strategy.  We Can't Create Income While Avoiding Sales!

But We CAN Change HOW We Do Sales!

What if you could stand in your transformational expertise, truly serve your prospect AND do so in a way that actually enrolls clients?

What if you could bring all of your consciousness and compassion to the table in a sales conversation and work only towards your prospect's highest good ... and create income as well?

What if you could have a sales process that is as transformational as your work itself ... both for you AND your prospect?

And what if this way of selling not only creates financial freedom for you ... it sets you free in every other aspect of your business as well?

I'm thrilled to invite you to ...

The Sacred Sale

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here's what you need to bring to the table as a Transformational Expert:

  • You must have the capacity to work with paying clients beyond a single session format. This can look like bundling individual sessions together, or ongoing coaching or energy work of any kind, or combining modalities ... that's up to your transformational expertise. It would be overkill to have an entire sales conversation with someone in order to enroll them for a single hour-long session.
  • You must be willing to invest your time in talking to prospects. Just like learning to play the piano, or throwing pottery, the Sacred Sale is a skill set you must practice. If you're not willing to invest your time in speaking with prospects, and failing a few times before you succeed, then you're looking for a magic money making bullet ... and those don't exist. And no, just like you can't outsource going to the gym, you can't outsource overcoming your discomfort with sales.
  • You must be willing to get a little uncomfortable. Overcoming sales reluctance is a process! Financial expansion can't happen inside your current comfort zone.

Here's The Work We'll Do Together:

Transform Your Sales Process

Imagine if your sales process became something you want to do FOR your prospects, rather than something you dread doing TO your prospects?

This is the beauty of the Sacred Sale!

Your sales process can become such a transformational gift to both you and your prospects that you will actually WANT to have sales conversations!

Service Without Sacrifice

While our sales process offers deep transformational value to our prospects ... we are NOT giving away any part of our work for free!

All too often, Transformational Experts end up self-sabotaging by giving away our expertise within our client enrollment process, and we end up with sacrifice instead of sales!

The Sacred Sale is about crafting a transformational but highly effective sales process that fully honors the value of our sacred work.

Step Into Financial Freedom

Creating financial freedom isn't about having money. It's about having a solid skill set that allows you to create money, whenever you want!

The Sacred Sale allows you to create income simply through conversations. Of course those conversations are structured in a highly specific way ... but they are still just conversations. And while you can add technical bells and whistles and leverage (we'll talk about how!), ultimately you will always have the skill set of talking to someone in a way that generates income for you!

This program is for you if:

  • You are a Transformational Expert (a healer, coach, hypnotherapist, psychic, astrologer, spiritual teacher, intuitive, nutritionist, etc.)
  • You want to enroll more clients, serve more people and create a consistent six-figure income.
  • You are deeply committed to making a positive impact and raising consciousness on our planet.
  • You are ready to truly own the value of the transformation you have to offer.

The Sacred Sale Curriculum

Here's what we will cover in each lesson of the program:

Lesson One
The Sacred Sale Difference

In this lesson, we will go through the basic principles of the Sacred Sale and how they differ from traditional sales methodologies. We will talk about the most fundamental mindset shifts that will help you align your Sacred Sales conversations to your transformational work and spiritual development path. Finally, we will go through the basic components of the Sacred Sale conversations to give you a birds-eye view of the system.

Lesson Two
The Sacred Sales Conversation: Part One

We are diving right into the details of the Sales Conversation structure, so that you will know how to ensure that your prospect is committed to the process, put them at ease, remove all pressure to buy, and begin the transformational process that is the Sacred Sale. You will also develop your own framework for the conversation in this lesson, so that you will know exactly what to say to your prospect, based on your own transformational expertise!

Lesson Three
The Sacred Sales Conversation: Part Two

You'll learn how to continue the transformational process that is the Sacred Sale, how to avoid sabotaging the sale, presenting your offer, and diving even deeper into serving your prospect.  We will cover many of the communication mistakes that usually lead to missed sales opportunities, and exactly how to handle various common prospect responses to your offers.  We will also talk about how to close the conversation and follow up with the prospect.

Lesson Four:
Offer and Pricing Strategies

In this lesson you'll learn how to quickly and effectively create the offers that you will present to your prospects during the Sacred Sale.   You'll find out just how easy it is to structure and present your offers when you engage with the Sacred Sale.  We will also talk about pricing strategies, pricing integrity, and payment plan structures.  Finally, you'll learn about some cash flow management pitfalls and how to avoid them if you offer payment plans.

Lesson Five:
Connecting With Prospects

Some of you may already be connecting with prospects via your existing marketing systems, and we will talk about how you can most effectively integrate the Sacred Sale into your current business model. We will also talk about the necessary balance between your marketing and sales process as you grow your income and refine your offers.

However, some of you may just be starting out. I will share with you the specific steps to QUICKLY create a six-figure business from scratch! We will talk about where to find prospects for the Sacred Sale, low- to no-tech ways to engage with prospects, and how to invite them into a Sacred Sales conversation. You'll be able to engage with prospects right away - there are no barriers to entry within the Sacred Sale!

Lesson Six:
Creating Leverage

I don't think any of us want to spend our lives on the phone, having sales conversations (although you'd be surprised how much fun this can be when people actually PAY YOU!) In this lesson, we will talk about how to create more leverage via the Sacred Sale ... and most importantly, WHEN it's time to create more leverage.

You'll learn how you can streamline and refine your sales process for maximum efficiency, while investing less of your time.  We will also talk about how you can translate your Sacred Sales Conversation skills into other formats, beyond a one on one conversation.

BONUS Lesson Seven:
Soul Realignment® Within The Sacred Sale

In this bonus lesson for Soul Realignment® Practitioners and students ONLY, you'll learn how you can ETHICALLY access the Akashic Records to further assist you in the Sacred Sales process. Obviously, this is not about using our spiritual tools for manipulation, nor is it about giving away our work!

We will talk about setting appropriate karmic boundaries so that you can more effectively serve the prospect, creating more value for them but also making your conversations even more effective!

BONUS: Two "Live" Q&A Group Coaching Calls

So that I can answer your questions and support you on your journey into abundant automation, we'll also have two "live" 90-minute calls!  This also gives you the opportunity to learn from your fellow students.  You can access the calls from your phone or online, and of course they will be recorded for you, as well.

BONUS: Private Facebook Group Access

From November 10th - December 31st, 2022, you'll also receive access to our private Facebook group!  I'll be available to answer your questions and offer day to day support as you step into Sacred Sales conversations with your prospects.

More importantly ... I'll be able to review your actual sales conversations within the Facebook group!  We can talk about having these conversations all day long.  But the absolutely best way I can serve you in developing the Sacred Sales skill set is by actually reviewing the conversations you're having.

All lessons will be delivered as video-based content via an online members area.  You'll also be able to download audio-only versions of each lesson, in case video is not your thing!

You will also receive downloadable PDF's of all written notes for each lesson.

Let's Get Back To The Elephant In The Room For A Moment ...

I'm pretty sure the thought of having actual sales conversations feels like a "hard no" to many of you that are reading this page right now.

If the thought of a sales conversation makes your stomach turn, then I promise you .... you need to have them!!!

Overcoming our sales discomfort isn't a shift in attitude, belief system, or mindset.

Overcoming our sales discomfort is something we must DO. 

We do this is by stepping into ACTIVE sales and having sales conversations!

You won't have to do this forever ... we'll talk about leverage later on in the program.  But you can't skip past shifting into personal alignment with sales.

Happily, a Sacred Sales conversations is NOTHING like traditional sales, full of pressure and manipulative techniques to try and get money out of a vulnerable prospect.

That doesn't mean you'll be comfortable having those sales conversations!

But it does mean that you have an opportunity to completely revolutionize your ability to create income through your transformational work.

Here's what the Sacred Sales conversation is definitely NOT:

  • The Sacred Sale is not a "sales pitch." You will not have to talk about how great your offer is, how awesome your work is, how amazing your past client results have been, about the fabulous features and benefits they'll be getting ... none of that is relevant within the Sacred Sale.
  • The Sacred Sale is not about proving yourself or your expertise. You will not have to talk about how experienced you are, how many modalities you've studied, how long you've been in business, or brag about how great your life is.
  • The Sacred Sale involves no sales pressure. You will not have to talk your prospect into anything, ever - not even for their own good. You will also not be pressuring your prospect into a quick decision to buy.

The Sacred Sale

Enrollment Is Now Closed

Your first two lessons will become available to you via your members area right away.  The remaining lessons will become available weekly!  We will notify you via email each time a new lesson is released to you!

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that The Sacred Sale isn't going to help you create more income and enroll more clients, simply let me know via email within five days of purchase.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

What you must bring to the table to be successful with this program:

  • You must have a way of working with paying clients beyond a single session format in order to help them transform their experience. It's fine if you're brand-new to what you do. But I'm assuming you're a coach, healer, energy worker, or have studied some sort of modality that allows you to serve paying clients.
  • You must be willing to have actual conversations with prospects, usually on the phone or video chat, if you prefer. While this means investing your time, it also means changing your relationship with sales ... and paving the path to consistent income. Don't worry, you're not going to spend your life on the phone! But you must be willing to engage with this process fully if you are to benefit from it.
  • The willingness to be 100% responsible for your own results. If you want the power to create income whenever you want, just by having a conversation, then you must be willing to embrace responsibility as well.

Ultimately, More Sales Are The Solution To Every Single Financial Problem You Will Ever Encounter In Your Life.

While any discomfort with sales will always, always limit our income ... the opposite is also true.

Once you become comfortable with your sales process, you will always be free to generate income.

You will feel comfortable standing in the value of your transformational work.

You will feel comfortable asking prospects to invest in themselves through what you offer.

You will be able to ask for significant investments, without fear or shame, anchored in integrity and authenticity.

The Sacred Sale

Enrollment Is Now Closed

Your first two lessons will become available to you via your members area right away.  The remaining lessons will become available weekly!  We will notify you via email each time a new lesson is released to you!

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that The Sacred Sale isn't going to help you create more income and enroll more clients, simply let me know via email within five days of purchase.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

Still wondering if this is for you?

Do I already have to have years of experience working with clients?

Absolutely not!  You can be brand-new to your transformational work.  However, you do have to have the ability to work with paying clients beyond a single session format.  It's fine if you've just completed studying a modality, and if you have yet to properly start "a business" ... but without a way to engage in ongoing transformational work with your clients, this program isn't for you.

How is this program delivered?

All program lessons are delivered via video, accessible to you via your online members area.  The first two lessons are available immediately upon enrollment.  Remaining lessons become available weekly.

Do I need to have a marketing funnel in place?

Actually, no.  I'll share with you a low-tech and no-tech way of engaging with prospects so that you can start creating income right away.

Is there a deadline for completing the program?

Absolutely not!  You're welcome to study at your own pace and the content will remain available to you indefinitely.  However, "live" support via our Facebook group is only available from November 10th through the end of the year.  After that time, our Facebook group will be archived.  You'll still be able to read all past posts and comments, but the group will be closed for new questions after that date.

Enrollment Is Now Closed

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that The Sacred Sale isn't going to help you create more income and enroll more clients, simply let me know via email within five days of purchase.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

Your Purchase Of The Sacred Sale Includes:

  • Six Video-Based Lessons, Delivered Via Your Online Members Area

    All lessons will remain available to you indefinitely. Your content will not expire.

  • BONUS Lesson For Soul Realignment® Practitioners

    Discover how the Soul Realignment modality can ethically support you in the Sacred Sales process.

  • Two BONUS Group Coaching Calls

    I'll be answering your questions on two 90-minute calls.  All calls will also be recorded for you.

  • Support Via Our Private Facebook Group

    From November 10th through December 31st, 2022 I'll be in our Facebook group every day to answer your questions!  Most importantly, I'll be able to review your Sacred Sale Conversations so that I can help you refine your process and assist you towards greater success.

  • Downloadable Lesson Notes

    All lessons will have downloadable notes in PDF format.