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The Polarity Of Money

Dear Transformational Expert:

Are you tired of chasing money through struggle and "hard" work?

It's not that you don't want to invest effort or take action ... you KNOW that you can't achieve new financial results without practical implementation.

But what if increasing your income didn't have to be SO HARD?

What if you could break through to a new level of financial abundance WITHOUT struggle, drama, or working twelve hours a day?

What if you could consistently EXCEED your own money manifesting goals?

What if you could feel 100% financially secure and confident in your own ability to attract more than enough money, each and every month?

What if you could not only create the money you want, but the TIME to enjoy that income, AND the journey of spiritual growth that is inherent to your sacred work?

Increasing your income is all about "leverage" ... and the biggest "lever" available to us is Universal Law!

The Law Of Attraction has received the most attention when it comes to manifesting money.

But guess what?

One of the most powerful Universal Laws that you can leverage to increase your income is ...


The Law Of Polarity


The Law Of Polarity simply states that everything has its opposite.

But hardly anyone knows how to USE the Law of Polarity and put into ACTION in order o create new financial results.

I know I didn't ... so I started using my own income and transformational work as a laboratory and myself as a guinea pig and began leveraging this Universal Law.

And ... wow.

Suddenly I was routinely DOUBLING my enrollment goals for my classes.

I was EXCEEDING my financial intentions, month after month.

And I was NOT busy, I wasn't working "hard" ... I wasn't even all that uncomfortable.

My income grew, my calendar remained empty and it was EASY.

I'm not saying that I sat on the beach and did no work whatsoever ... but compared to the intense effort and PUSH that accompanied my previous financial up-levels, this way of manifesting is a BREEZE.

I'll be honest ... I always thought that pushing past my own financial comfort zone required a certain amount of internal struggle and a lot of external effort.

Turns out ... we just need a different energetic approach to gain the manifesting leverage we need to create more income.

If you feel that ...

  • You've been trying SO HARD to get to your next income level ... but you seem to keep hitting the same financial glass ceiling ...
  • You're on a financial roller coaster ride, with one great month followed by a bunch of not-so-great months ...
  • You're doing SO MUCH to grow your transformational practice but your financial results are just not reflecting your efforts ...
  • You long to reclaim the passion that you had when you started your path of doing transformational work in the world ...

You need a new approach!

You're invited to ...

The Polarity Of Money

Over the course of six video-based lessons, you'll learn how to apply the Law of Polarity to create your next financial breakthrough ... without struggle or "hard" work.

You'll discover EXACTLY what practical action steps will take you to your next income level ...

... and it's not going to take "massive" effort.

This work is not about doing a lot.

It's about being highly strategic in applying effort and taking new action so that you maximize your results.

And that looks different for each and every one of us!

Not only will you learn how to approach your next financial up-level in a totally different way (and we'll be slaying some sacred cows as we go along!) but you'll be able to use what you learn over and over again, to consistently raise your income.

Here's the work we'll do together in this program:

Lesson One

We'll start by diving into the core concepts of how the Law of Polarity can be applied to our business and income creation.

You'll learn:

  • How to up-level the "negative" polarieis that are present in your business and experience, in practical application.
  • The four essential numbers that determine your current calibration to lack and abundance.
  • How to use these four numbers to determine your "polarity bandwidth" ... and how this affects your next income goal.
  • How to avoid unnecessary stress and upheaval while you are up-leveling your income, and have way more fun growing your business.
  • What actually creates financial "stability" in our experience.

Lesson Two

In this lesson, we will start working with Polarity Grids in order to determine what specific actions will help you create your greatest financial up-level with the LEAST amount of effort!

We will also cover the difference between "functional" polarity pairings that help us manifest our new reality, and "dysfunctional" pairings that keep us spinning our wheels on an endless treadmill of work, with minimal results.

You'll learn:

  • How to apply our four essential numbers from Lesson One to discover the specific action steps to your next up-level.
  • The difference between making choices from functional vs. dysfunctional polarity pairings.
  • Where to focus your efforts for maximum financial results.
  • What specific, practical actions YOU must take, right now, that will up-level your income.
  • The real income goal and focus that can make you exceed your own manifesting expectations, time and again.
  • How to create real and lasting financial security you can rely on, so that you have enough mental and emotional bendwidth for your next "stretch" goal because you are not stressed out or exhausted.

Lesson Three

In this lesson, we will tackle the topic of financial freedom!!!  Although each of us may define financial freedom differently, we all want to feel like money supports us in creating our chosen reality.

After all, it's this level of self-determination that allows us to experience ourselves as Divine Beings in a human experience.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to shift your relationship with money in practical ways so that your up-leveling efforts in your transformational practice are completely supported by new money habits.

We're not talking about a shift in attitude towards money!  This isn't about mindset.  Throughout this lesson you will learn how you must treat and use money differently in your life.

You'll discover:

  • The spiritually creative nature of money in the human experience.
  • The dysfunctional aspect to financial freedom, and how to avoid falling into the money trap it presents.
  • How to handle debt during your financial up-level. This flies in the face of traditional financial advice, but is SO much more energetically strategic and ultimately, more efficient.
  • How to use a new Polarity Grid to determine what specific new money choices will support you personally in your financial up-level.

Lesson Four

In this lesson,we talk about how to remain passionately engaged with the business end of our transformational work.  while we certainly want to create more income ... money is not our main reason for doing our sacred work.

You'll learn how to avoid overwhelm and drudgery, as well as nurture your love for your work as you grow and evolve through your spiritual path.

You'll learn:

  • How to continuously nurture the passion that got you started on your path as a Transformational Expert ... because how we make money is NOT actually about the money.
  • When and what to outsource and delegate, and how to do so without wasting your time and money.
  • How to avoid letting money suck the fun out of doing the work you love.
  • The dysfunctional delegation trap to avoid that NEVER gets you any ROI.
  • The worst question you can ask yourself when you find yourself stuck in your comfort zone ... and how to strategically move forward instead.
  • How to keep yourself motivated on your path of personal and income growth.
  • How to run your business so that it serves you, rather than burning out by constantly serving your business.
  • The exact formula for consistently creating time and space in your life so that you can focus on your personal growth and evolution through your sacred work ... all while growing your income as well.

Lesson Five

This lesson is, ultimately, about trusting in your own power to create the financial reality you want.

We'll be addressing how to transcend financial fears and manifest financial safety, so that you can take more joyful risks and accelerate your growth.

You'll learn:

  • How to embrace fear as a spiritual teacher, when appropriate ... and how to transcend fear when it isn't.
  • How to manifest true financial safety, so that you never have to fear that the "other shoe will drop" or that the financial rug might get pulled out from under you by some unexpected catastrophe.
  • How to joyfully embrace risk as an inherent part of the entrepreneurial path, without ever compromising your financial well-being.
  • How to "read" your income for signs that you MUST take new risks in order to expand ... or face the danger of contraction.

Lesson Six

In this lesson, you'll learn how to operate within both your Divine Gifts and human skills set ... and constantly expand both!

We are never limited by who we are ... but we can't operate outside of our natural, inherent Divine Gifts and expect to make money, either.  this lesson will teach you how to operate within the Truth of who you are without ever limiting yourself and your income potential.

You'll also learn how to create your own Polarity Grids and work with the Law of Polarity based on your specific intentions for your own experience.  You'll be able to apply this Universal Law not just to your business, but to your whole life as you move forward, regardless of what intentions you set!

We'll cover:

  • How to operate within your Divine Gifts and current skills set, while constantly expanding into both as you grow your income.
  • How to productively question yourself so that you don't lose yourself down the rabit hole of endless self-inquiry, self-healing, or self-improvement.
  • How to invest your time and energy appropriately into expanding your skills set, so that you don't waste your efforts chasing bright, shiny objects that won't give you a return on investment.
  • How to let yourself be supported - by programs, coaches, and mastermind groups - without getting derailed from your own path.
  • The worst question you can ask yourself when you find yourself stuck in your comfort zone ... and how to strategically move forward instead.
  • How to construct your own Polarity Grids so that you can apply the principles of the Law of Polarity to whatever you wish to manifest into your own experience.

The Polarity Of Money

Your Investment: US$997
(Or Three Monthly Payments of US$333)

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Not Sure? Here's My Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that the Polarity of Money program is simply not a fit for you, email me and request your refund within SEVEN DAYS of purchase.   I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!  Beyond the seven day refund period, you are committed to this program.  Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments.

Who is this program for?

The Law of Polarity is a UNIVERSAL Law ... it's like gravity.  It applies to everyone, all the time.

You'll be able to use what you learn in this class, regardless of your current income level.

HOWEVER ... this class is designed for Transformational Experts who are actively putting their sacred work out into the world.  It doesn't matter if you're only making $100 a month, as long as you are making SOME revenue from your business.  If you are pre-revenue or are only thinking about working with clients, this class is not for you.

However, the principles in this class will serve you tremendously, even if you're already creating a high six- or even seven-figure income.  In fact, you'll probably work a lot less and make more within a relatively short time, as well as enjoying a more stable income.

What this program is not

We are not covering specific marketing or business models in this class!  There IS no "one formula fits all" approach to increasing your income.  So if you think there's some secret fail-safe method to generating leads, or converting leads into clients ... not only does it not exist, but you definitely won't find it here.

Instead, you'll learn a series of processes through which you will discover exactly what next action steps will take YOU to your next income level, based on where you are with your transformational work right now.

You'll be able to use these processes over and over again in your business, regardless of income level ... what you'll learn is truly Universal.

Ultimately, though, we are using the Law of Polarity as "leverage" ... and you can't "leverage" zero.  So you have to be at the point of creating some income via your sacred work, even if it's just a very small amount, or if that income is very inconsistent.

If you choose to register for this class, I'm assuming:

  • That you have made SOME revnue from your own business in the last six to nine months, even if that's only $100 here or there from random clients.
  • You are dedicated to living as a Divine Being in a human experience, and you KNOW that struggle just isn't part of that equation.
  • You realize that, in order to create new results, new action is required.
  • You know that, even though this class specifically addresses the ENERGETIC and transformational work of expanding your income, you will still have to take practical action in order to make more money. Manifesting isn't magic.
  • You know that you are at all times 100% responsible for your own results, because only you are the powerful Creator of your own experience.

Ready for making money to get a whole lot easier?

The Polarity Of Money

Your Investment: US$997
(Or Three Monthly Payments of US$333)

register now

Not Sure? Here's My Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that the Polarity of Money program is simply not a fit for you, email me and request your refund within SEVEN DAYS of purchase.   I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!  Beyond the seven day refund period, you are committed to this program.  Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments.

"Andrrea is the only person I trust to deliver deep, spiritual teachings in a practical, grounded way that delivers results! Her teachings make my heart feel open and free while making it easy for me to take practical action. She is definitely the real deal!"

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