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Automated Income Energy Secrets

Dear Coach, Healer, Energy Worker, Psychic, Wellness Professional ...

We have chosen to live in an amazing time on our planet.

We have so many choices available to us! And that means that, as highly conscious spiritual seekers, we can choose NOT to participate in societal constructs that just don’t resonate to our Divine self-expression.

We can now choose family, relationship and parenting models that work for us. We are more location independent than ever.

But the one social construct we CANNOT opt out of is MONEY.

Money is, at the third-dimensional level of our experience, what makes all of our other choices possible.

However … we CAN opt out of WORK!

We don’t need to participate in the societal paradigm that it takes “hard” work or even “a lot”of work - or, for that matter, hardly any effort at all - to make money.

Most of us, right now, have technology IN OUR POCKET that allows us to connect to millions, if not billions of people all over the world.

We also have easy-to-access technology available that allows us to AUTOMATE many aspects of how we create income!

So .... why are we still working hard?  And why are we working more than a few hours a week?

Why aren't we, as transformational experts with so much value to offer, making money while we sleep, attracting new clients on auto-pilot, and driving tons of referrals automatically?

Here's the thing:

Loads of people build "funnels" - marketing funnels, sales funnels, follow-up funnels - which are designed to automate the business end of your transformational work so that you can get on with doing the work you love.

AND ... most of these "funnels" don't deliver income on auto-pilot.

  • It's not that the technology doesn't work.
  • It's not that automated, passive income from your transformational work isn't possible.
  • It's not that the world doesn't want what you have to offer.

It's that, for thousands of years, we've been conditioned to a certain energetic and practical relationship between MONEY and WORK.

Meanwhile, the technology that allows us to automate income creation has only been around for a decade or two.

We have the tools available to us ... but most of us are simply ENERGETICALLY incongruent to making money without consistently investing our effort and time into "work."

I have literally heard very successful, highly experienced business coaches claim that making grown-up money on auto-pilot is simply not possible, that it's actually a MYTH.

The thing is .... I have been living that supposed MYTH for the last six years! My own funnel has generated millions in revenue, doing its thing on auto-pilot with minimal effort on my part.

What's the secret to making this work?

What makes automated income happen is actually NOT about ...

  • The "right" marketing content
  • The "right" marketing and business model
  • The "right" technology

Of course these have to be effective ... but tons transformational experts ARE good marketers, have a functional business model, have access to technology and STILL can't build a reliable six-figure funnel that doesn't also involve investing a ton of personal time and effort and hiring a big team.  They certainly don't scale to seven figures on auto-pilot!

What makes automated income work is understanding the ENERGETICS behind "money on auto-pilot."

Here's the manifesting conundrum, from an energetic perspective.

As you (hopefully) know, the quality of our choices is always going to be reflected in the quality of our consequences.

We reap what we sew. This shouldn't be news to you 🙂

The desired CONSEQUENCE behind building a funnel to handle any part of your marketing, sales or service delivery, is for you NOT TO WORK.

It's supposed to run WITHOUT you ... that's the whole point!  The consequence we want is to serve our clients, create an abundant income, and have an impact while NOT WORKING.

But BUILDING the actual funnel of course requires investing time and effort ... so the choice to create it resonates to WORK.

But we know that a choice of "work" can only result in a consequence of more "work!"  Work can only beget more work.  It's Universal Law.

So how do we work on building a funnel, when that funnel is supposed to let us sit back and NOT work?

It's a paradox!

And no, the answer is not to slap a new label on "work" and call it "play" or "fun" ... you can't trick the Universe that way.

And hiring someone for a LOT of money to build your funnel FOR you also tends to go sideways and usually doesn’t result in automated income. After all, you can’t outsource your manifesting to someone else, and your results are always based on your personal vibrational state.

Happily, there IS a way to make automated income happen in your business ... it just requires a very specific application of Universal Law.

That's why I created this program ... to spill the energetic beans on how to actually craft automation in your business in a way that allows you to work LESS, so that you can (again, paradoxically!) serve MORE people.  And of course, increase your income.

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Automated Income Energy Secrets

Here's why I'm so passionate about automation.

You've probably been told countless times that you are only limited by your willingness and capacity to work hard.

But actually, time and effort is what limits your ability to serve others and have a positive impact on the world.

After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

There is only so much space on your calendar.

And there is a limit on your personal ability to invest effort.

And when you're busy, busy, busy hustling, there's only so much space for your creativity. When there's a limit on your creativity, there is also a limit on how innovatively and effectively you can serve others, and how much abundance you allow into your life.

Hustling and working hard does not leave much room for your Divine self-expression. After all, our Souls came here to create, not work "hard."

No matter what stage of business you are in, there are ways in which automation and funnels can serve you in working less, while serving your clients more efficiently, and serving more of them.

Sounds good?


But let's keep it real ...

Of course income without effort and money on auto-pilot while serving more people, more effectively is an idea we can all get behind.

More income AND impact?  YES, please!

Automation is a multiplier.

By automating parts (and sometimes almost ALL) of your business, you can exponentially increase your income and your impact.

But multiply zero, and you still get zero.

So if you have ...

  • Absolutely no expertise ....
  • Absolutely no experience ....
  • No desire to serve others on their path ...
  • No passion for your transformational work ...

... well, then automation is not for you!

It's fine if you are still in a day job, or if you're just getting started.

It's also okay if you consider yourself technically challenged ... we will talk about how you can get around the actual "button pushing" of automation and not get overwhelmed.

But if you don't care about actually offering value and are just looking to make money without working, without also wanting to stand in service of others ... well, this isn't going to work for you.

Here's The Work We Will Do Together:

Applying Universal Law To Automation

If we want automated income, then the WAY we implement and create our automations and funnels is of utmost importance!

We will discuss the specific energetic implementation strategies that will allow you to separate "money" from "work" and give you a whole new understanding of your Creatorship within your business.

Practical Implementation Strategies

We will also discuss practical implementation strategies that will save you tons of time and money, especially if you are outsourcing the technical set-up!  We will go into detailed funnel "recipes" that will serve you, regardless of what stage your business is in, and how to transition into more complex structures as your business grows.

Ongoing Energy Management

Automated income isn't just about building a funnel in congruence with Universal Law so that it actually produces passive income for us ... it's also about maintaining that income.  Get ready for a whole new level of personal energy mastery and self-knowledge as you learn how to maintain your income without traditional "work."

This program is for you if:

  • You are a transformational expert (a healer, coach, hypnotherapist, psychic, astrologer, spiritual teacher, intuitive, nutritionist, etc.)
  • You want to serve more people in a bigger way, without working harder.
  • You are deeply committed to making a positive impact and raising consciousness on our planet.
  • You are ready to work less, but much, much smarter, and in a highly disciplined way.
  • You are ready to truly own the value of the transformation you have to offer.

Automated Income Energy Secrets: Curriculum

Here's what we will cover in each lesson of the program:

Lesson One
Embracing Automation Mindset

Let's be clear ... changing our thinking does NOT actually change our results!  Changing our thinking is, however, the beginning of making new choices congruent to making more while working less.  In this lesson, you'll discover the underlying principles of WHY we, as transformational experts, have such issues with working less, charging what we are worth, and how to shift your perspective so that you can embrace automation as a means of greater impact and income.

Lesson Two
Automation Implementation: Energetics

Of course it takes "work" to implement any kind of funnel or automation in your business!  So how can we choose to "work" without creating consequences of more "work?"  In this lesson, we will dive into the energetic and manifesting strategies to build your funnels and automation without stepping into the perpetual hamster wheel of work that so many entrepreneurs get stuck on!  This methodology lets you side-step the choice-consequence paradox of work begetting more work.

Lesson Three
Implementation Strategies: Practicalities

This lesson is about the practicalities of implementing automation and funnels in your business ... regardless of how far along you are, and even if you're just getting started!

We will talk about the most fundamental automations to implement, step by step, without falling into the massive implementation traps that end up costing most transformational experts a huge amount of time and money.

We'll go through some actual funnel "recipes" and how to build from the most basic to a more complex structure, all while staying within the energy and manifesting strategies we laid out in the previous lesson.

I'll also give you some suggestions on what systems may serve you, depending on where you are in your business, and some rather surprising ways of choosing your platforms.

Lesson Four:

You have to be the strategist in your business!  The idea of simply having someone else build a funnel FOR you that cranks out income on auto-pilot is nice ... it doesn't actually work, though.

But that doesn't mean you have to actually use business automation software yourself! Some of you will love having the autonomy to build your own automations, but many of you will not! We will talk about where to cost-effectively find assistance, and how to outsource what needs to be done without breaking the bank.  When you have the right implementation strategies in place, it can actually be very quick and inexpensive to outsource the technical aspect of automation.

We will also talk about what absolutely can't be outsourced, and what expensive pitfalls to look out for.

Lesson Five:
Managing Automated Income Streams

In this lesson, we will talk about how to energetically manage your automated income streams. This is one of the most valuable aspects of having a functioning funnel ... we actually gain a tremendous amount of self-knowledge and self-mastery over our vibrational state.

Most people think a funnel is something that works like a machine, independent of you and the rest of your life.  This is an illusion ... your results are always a reflection of your vibrational state!

We will talk about how this reflective quality can serve you on both your spiritual and entrepreneurial development path, and how you can use this new self-knowledge to further increase your income and impact.

We will also talk about the practicalities of transitioning to relying on automated income ... and how to manage the "work" of business expansion at the same time.

Lesson Six:
Conquering "Funnel Funks"

Your funnel is working - yay! Until it's not ... now what?

In this lesson, we will talk about how to trouble shoot your funnel if it starts exhibiting a break-down, or completely stops creating results. It happens ... and most entrepreneurs handle this situation completely the wrong way.

I've been running the same funnel for SIX YEARS with only minimal tweaks. From the digital marketing world perspective, this is unheard of. But it is, if you understand the energetics behind how to handle funnel funks!

BONUS: Two "Live" Q&A Group Coaching Calls

So that I can answer your questions and support you on your journey into abundant automation, we'll also have two "live" 90-minute calls!  This also gives you the opportunity to learn from your fellow students.  You can access the calls from your phone or online, and of course they will be recorded for you, as well.

All lessons will be delivered as video-based content via an online members area.  You'll also be able to download audio-only versions of each lesson, in case video is not your thing!

You will also receive downloadable PDF's of all written notes for each lesson.

Automated Income Energy Secrets

Your Investment: US$997 US$197

Or three monthly payments of US$347 US$75

Your first two lessons will become available to you via your members area on Monday, June 27th.  The remaining lessons will become available weekly!  We will notify you via email each time a new lesson is released to you!

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that Automated Income Energy Secrets isn't going to help you create more income and impact through automated funnels, simply let me know via email by July 3rd, 2022.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

What you must bring to the table to be successful with this program:

  • You must have a way of working with paying clients in order to help them transform their experience. It's fine if you're brand-new to what you do. But I'm assuming you're a coach, healer, energy worker, or have studied some sort of modality that allows you to serve paying clients.
  • You must be willing to approach "work" and creating income in a whole new way ... it will require less time and effort, but also more discipline!
  • Your willingness to implement what you're learning. Without implementation, you're guaranteed not to get any results!
  • The willingness to bee 100% responsible for your own results. If you want the power to attract prospects to your transformational work ... then you must be willing to embrace responsibility as well.

Here's what this program is not:

This program focuses on the energetic and practical implementation of automation and "funnels" in your business.

What we are NOT covering in this program are marketing strategies or marketing and sales content creation.

While we are certainly going to dive into specific funnel structures, this program is not going to tell you what to say in your emails, or how to come up with the perfect title for an opt-in offer or webinar, or what to say in a video sales letter!

This program focuses on automation, both from an energetically and practically strategic perspective.  It is not a marketing program.

Automated Income Energy Secrets

Your Investment: US$997 US$197

Or three monthly payments of US$347 US$75

Your first two lessons will become available to you via your members area on Monday, June 27th.  The remaining lessons will become available weekly!  We will notify you via email each time a new lesson is released to you!

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that Automated Income Energy Secrets isn't going to help you create more income and impact through automated funnels, simply let me know via email by July 3rd, 2022.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

Still wondering if this is for you?

Do I already have to have years of experience working with clients?

Absolutely not!  You can be brand-new to your transformational work.  However, you do have to have the ability to work with paying clients or customers.  It's fine if you've just completed studying a modality, and if you have yet to properly start "a business" ... but without any kind of offer or service to build automation around, this program isn't for you.

How is this program delivered?

All program lessons are delivered via video, accessible to you via your online members area.  The first two lessons will become available on Monday, June 27th.  Remaining lessons become available weekly.

Will I have to invest in automation software?  Or an assistant?

I'm a fan of bootstrapping ... meaning you don't need to invest money to get started with automation.  There are plenty of software platforms that offer an entry-level version of their services for free.  You can upgrade to different platforms as your business grows.

Do I already have to have a website up?

Actually, no.  Lots of software platforms also give you the ability to create landing pages, which is what you will need for basic marketing automations.  Some even allow you to create whole websites.

Your Investment: US$997 US$197

Or three monthly payments of US$347 US$75

My Reassuring Guarantee To You ...

If you decide that Automated Income Energy Secrets isn't going to help you create more income and impact through automated funnels, simply let me know via email by July 3rd 2022.  I'll immediately refund your investment, no questions asked!

Your Purchase Of Automated Income Energy Secrets Includes:

  • Six Video-Based Lessons, Delivered Via Your Online Members Area

    All lessons will remain available to you indefinitely. Your content will not expire.

  • Two BONUS "Live" Q&A Group Coaching Calls

    We will be getting together "live" for two calls so that I can support you personally and answer your questions.  Calls will be 90 minutes in length and will be recorded for you.

  • Written Course Materials

    You'll receive downloadable PDF's of the written notes for all lessons.